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'Without service, we would not have a strong quality of life. It's important to the person who serves as well as the recipient. It's the way in which we ourselves grow and develop.'
– Dr. Dorothy Height 


Martyna Bielecka

I would highly recommend Kambo to everyone working on their spiritual growth. We tend to take things on from our family, ancestors etc. I’m saying it because that’s what Kambo helped me to release. Each time sitting with this beautiful medicine brings a different experience, a deeper layer.

The last time I did Kambo, it was clearing my grandmothers toxic energy out of my body. I just saw her energy leaving my body. Yes it’s an emotional experience and so liberating. After ceremony I felt so much lighter, CLEANER and more me.

Thank you Catherine so much for holding space for us and being with us so loving and compassionate. I couldn’t have done it with someone else as I felt very safe and held going through the process. I really feel a deep transformation every time I do it.


Tania Vasquez

One of my daughters was struggling with a health issue. Despite having a local Kambo practitioner nearby, I instead chose to drive 2 hours because I was drawn to Catherine's energy. 


Rightfully so….Catherine was the perfect match to my daughter’s shy demeanor and fear. Catherine’s gentle way and her confident words spoke into her and she was able to begin her healing journey.


Catherine is one of the angels among us. If feeling the call to journey with Kambo, allow Catherine to guide you with both grace and strength. You will feel her love and it will replenish you.


Why I would drive 6 hours round trip to Malibu to see Catherine? When I met her, I understood. She is a kind and loving soul. A woman with a story who has overcome and now helping others. How friendly and profound were her eyes. How loving were her ways. The way she spoke into Sofia... I have forgotten what it is to speak into my children... to reach their heart.


Lacey & Brody

We had the most divine twin 🔥 healing together in Catherine’s Kambo circle. We both came in with intentions to amplify our business & release what wasn’t serving us. Within the next day we noticed shifts in our business and toxins leave our body that needed to for us to energetically shift. We are so grateful for Catherine and her gentle, loving space she holds. We look forward to her next kambo circle.


Doron Asulin

A day before the ceremony, I pulled a muscle in my neck and was in extreme pain. I thought about canceling it until I spoke to Catherine. She convinced me that the Kambo will reduce the inflammation and ease the pain.

I want to thank Catherine for creating a safe and warm environment. With her loving and compassionate gentle soul, she held me and guided me throughout the whole ceremony. She explained to me that the medicine will continue to work for the following  days. On the second day, the pain in my neck was 90% gone. 

I’m looking forward to the next time I get to work with Catherine and Kambo.


Travis Schumacher

To anyone who might have doubts about the power of my amazing healer Catherine, let me put your mind at ease. Two months ago I was in a very depressed state. The lowest I’ve ever felt in my life. I was in severe pain from a disc herniation, c-5/c-6, and was taking 3 Norcos a day, and smoking about a quarter ounce of weed to drift off from the pain. I was scheduled to have a disc replacement surgery, but FORTUNATELY, I failed my pre-op do to severe tooth decay, 17k dollars worth to be exact. Being told that you have to continue to live in pain Is a crippling feeling, and for a while there I really contemplated life in a very dark way. But alas my intuition, spirit, God within me, told me to seek out a Kambo practitioner. 


I had taken Kambo a year and a half prior for some other stuff I was dealing with, but that medicine woman lived in Riverside, and the  thought of driving, coupled with the anxiety of the large groups during the pandemic, gave me the courage to seek out help from another healer. This lead me to Catherine, aka Kasha, and thank god it did. 


Kambo is a very intense medicine, and the thought of fighting through the twenty minutes of hell Is enough to deter most people, but with Catherine she has this incredible ability to calm your nerves and give you the guidance you need to get you through the therapy in a calming and very angelic way. 


After my first session, my nerve pain was so subtle, I was able to see the light again. I’ve since done one more, with the third session not far from the horizon. Cut to now, I’ve released all of my old addictions. Nicotine and marijuana being the most prevalent, for I now understand to heal oneself, you need courage, discipline, meditation, and most importantly a starting point. 


Catherine Is that starting point. She will guide you into your souls purpose, and show you how miraculous you truly are. I’m so forever grateful for her. I truly don’t know where I would be right now, if I hadn’t stumbled upon her through Instagram. So if you’ve been called to Kambo for any variety of reasons, don’t be afraid to take the leap. 🐸 You’re in the greatest of hands.


Ashley Kearns

The first time I tried Kambo and felt the effects, I knew this was something I would never stop doing for myself. My body and mind responded so well to the cleanse. I am an athlete and a very active person and I need my body, mind, and spirit to be in the best shape possible. I do Kambo regularly, at least once a month to be exact. My life actually started to change drastically after I started using Kambo. 


Opportunities have opened up for me and people and things who are not in alignment with my higher self have been removed. I feel more in tune with the universe than I ever have and it all started once I learned about Kambo and decided to fully commit to implementing better habits to support my higher self. I HIGHLY recommend if you’ve been thinking about it to please trust yourself and do it. 


Now about Catherine, she is one of the most beautiful humans I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. She selflessly holds space for me and anyone else who is in ceremony, giving each of us the attention and support that we need. Catherine is just one of those humans whose energy alone can encourage you to become the best version of yourself.  She always asks if there’s anything specific on an emotional level that I’ve been going through so she knows exactly what points on the body to use. There are acupuncture points used to reset systems in our bodies and she knows exactly what I need by giving her an update on things I’ve been going through emotionally. I can’t say enough about this human. I always look forward to spending my time with her when it’s time to reset. She’s devoted her life to this work and her love shows through. 


Matthew Carolan

My experience with Kambo before Kasia was not pleasant, and I swore I would never do it again. My girlfriend who sat with Kasia before convinced me to give it another opportunity and I’m so thankful that she did. The container that Kasia creates with the medicine is absolutely beautiful. The healing that she facilitates is so gentle and loving. She truly is connected to her purpose and the medicine. 


I came to the medicine carrying so much guilt and shame from my past. The medicine helped me release the physical pain that was causing but it was the container that Kasia holds that allowed me to see myself through loving and forgiving eyes. Her gentleness and deep respect for the medicine and traditions allowed me to fully surrender to the medicine and the healing process. I’m extremely grateful for Kasia and Kambo. What was once something I had written off and was never going to do again has now become a regular part of my self care and a healing modality that I will forever be grateful for as it has changed the way I see myself and the world.


Sally Ohearn

Catherine (Kasia) is an angel. I was lucky enough to have found out about her while I was visiting in LA. I had wanted to practice with kambo for a while, but had some reservations. I am so glad I had my first experience with Catherine. She held the space with so much reverence and care. Her prayers, rituals, and chants spoke to my soul. It was obvious that Catherine was not only well trained in the procedures of kambo ceremony, but deeply rooted in the tradition and connected to the source of this powerful medicine. Her integrity is clear.


My experience was intense and though it took perhaps more time than expected for me to get to the other side, I only felt protected, supported, and genuinely looked after. It was clear I had found in Catherine, not only a wise practitioner of the kambo medicine, but an exceptionally present and beautiful human being. I look forward to my next kambo ceremony with Catherine in the future and highly recommend her services!


Cris Saur

I did my first Kambo ceremony with Catherine in July of 2020, I was feeling helpless in the midst of the chaos that we are all living. I felt that Kambo gave me force and guidance to see through the chaos. Immediately after the ceremony I felt that a vail had been lifted and I was able to move from helplessness to gratitude.


Catherine is this beautiful soul who answer the medicine call and through her kindness and loving energy creates a beautiful and safe container and helped me to navigate through my own messy cluster of emotions.

I’m forever grateful I met Catherine.


Leslie Pollock

I felt drawn to, but apprehensive about kambo for several years before I finally took the plunge and participated in a ceremony with Kasia. I had researched and sought out a practitioner with a great reputation and came to Kasia through a friend of a friend. I was immediately impressed by her thorough knowledge of the subject, as well as her experience in studying Chinese medicine and other related disciplines. And once the ceremony began I felt drawn to her approach and knew I'd made an excellent choice in her. I'm so happy that fate brought me to Kasia and the frog! 


I started off with three ceremonies within the lunar cycle just before my 60th birthday, during the pandemic. It was a profound birthday gift to myself, and life changing. I've continued to do ceremonies with her once every few months. When I began, I was recovering from nearly a year of conventional cancer treatments, and kambo has helped me rid my body of some of those toxins. Each time I feel an increase in energy and a lifting of the brain fog that was lingering from chemo. Kasia's ceremonies also helped me to overcome some PTSD from a traumatic event in the pandemic.

Kasia is otherworldly, a true healer. She has gentle compassion and the ability to really listen and tailor the experience to your needs. I cannot say enough praises for her. I give her the highest recommendations possible.


Mary Mallaney

Kasia’s ability to create fluid yet grounded ceremonial space is deeply unique and powerful. Sitting in sacred space with her offers you exactly what you need to receive, both from the Frog and from yourself. She clearly invites you into a space of empowerment and holds impeccable guardianship while you move through the process Kambô facilitates and creates. I have had the pleasure of working and sitting with her and the Frog in a variety of ways, including an inoculation, and each experience has only spurred me forward in my healing. I am beyond grateful to have been directed to her, and truly recommend her ceremonies to anyone who feels the call. The healing containers she creates are beautifully clear and supportive and allow every being to meet themselves and their journey multidimensionally. Quite simply, she sees and honors the souls of those who are diving deep and journeying with her. Her presence and the time I have spent in space with her have been catalysts for deep growth and expansion within the past year of us reuniting in this lifetime – physically, emotionally and energetically. Deep bows.


Leza Relay Labrador

I will forever be grateful for Kambo frog medicine. I started my journey a little over a year ago and the transformation has been nothing short of a miracle. Increased clarity, energy, passion, compassion, creativity, and positive outlook on life and myself.  

Kambo is a miracle healer.  Massive and powerful emotional and physical purge and rebirth. From tears of pain to tears of joy, I released years of pent up energy and felt an amazing release in my heart center. I went from hopeless to hopeful! Kambo helped me forgive myself as well as others and allowed room for gratitude.

Now my journey has only begun. With Kambo, I know that I can heal mind, body, and soul and reconnect myself to Mother Earth. I also feel grateful to have such a powerful medicine to not only help me treat current health issues but to help increase my immunity to better help me stay safe and healthy in a time with such uncertainty. No matter if it is COVD-19 or any other virus, I know with Kambo by my side, I have a powerful ally to help me stay safe and healthy. Kambo has also been my lucky charm. Each and every time I’m blessed to partake in a sacred healing circle, my luck goes through the roof.


Catherine, I want to say thank you for creating such a beautiful SAFE space for me and others to do our work. You have a natural gift and energy that allows people to feel comfortable, safe, and not judged. You have feminine energy that I can only describe as Mother and Goddess. I wasn’t expecting to relive and release so much but you helped me through it with the compassion of a mother with her child. I am forever grateful.  

Screen Shot 2021-04-28 at 11.09.59 PM.png

Ashlyn Showalter

Kambo has been such a blessing in my life, especially this year. Recently, I had COVID and I felt like the fatigue and brain fog were just lingering, even 4 weeks after. I felt it lingering especially because my taste and smell had not yet returned which is quite unnerving. I decided to do Kambo to reset, and the ceremony was fantastic. It was exactly what I needed. I feel like I purged any last bit of that virus and left feeling refreshed and energized. The best part – MY TASTE AND SMELL RETURNED THE NEXT DAY! I know this is not a coincidence. Grateful for Kasia, Kambo, and for the reset. 


Kristina Korsholm

KAMBO is personal.


Deciding to do Kambo is something very personal. My sense is, that Kambo will discover you when you are ready. It’s an incredibly strong plant medicine, a super cleanse, that feels like a reset of your mind, body and spirit. After a hectic or maybe even sluggish period in life, a Kambo ceremony can turn thing around very quickly.


Kasia was introduced to me by a good friend I’ve known for many years, who has done numerous Kambo ceremonies with Kasia. Now, I’ve done a few Kambo ceremonies myself and I absolutely love the safe, grounded, clean, feminine and powerful setting Kasia provides. It’s very nurturing, healing and empowering. At times, almost Goddess like.


What I love most about coming out of Kambo is the clear mind, pure heart, cleansed body felling. Also, I feel so incredibly receptive to my surroundings. It’s like second nature to feel everything on a cellular level. Hence, it becomes difficult to not stay authentic and true to your self, your needs and boundaries. I feel grounded and in touch. Like a warrior. On a more luxurious note, I also love the glamorous post Kambo glow, which makes your face look like you just stepped out of a beauty salon. 


Catherine Kwong

The teacher will appear when the student is ready.


And there is no better description for my introduction to Kambo medicine and Catherine Grace. I was connected to Catherine over 2 years ago from a mutual friend.  I did the research, listened to my spirit and felt it was not aligning up for me at that time.  Having experienced reiki, chakra healing and other means, I knew timing was everything.  Cut forward to 2 years later, my soul was compelled to reach out to be served the medicine. 


The journey of self remembrance is not a easy paved road.  It takes courage, conviction and much intention to strip away the outer facade and step into that space of evolution. The magic of Catherine (Kasia) is that she assists in facilitating an open, safe container with her guides and spirit of Kambo so one can delve openly, vulnerably and completely into the healing journey. 


Have you ever truly felt the liberation of someone holding space for you? With no judgment, preconceived ideas or notions? Catherine gives that and much more.  My first time being served Kambo, I had no idea what to expect even though I had done intense research. Catherine generously held space with her gentle, patient and beautiful spirit as I traversed through the process of letting go, healing parts of myself and ancestral trauma passed through lifetimes that was ready to be seen.  Her intuitiveness organically knew when to guide and when to offer more space to allow my soul to communicate.


I can honestly attest the Kambo glow is real. So much of who are is layers of societal preconditioning, built facades and self protecting shields.  It is well know in eastern medicine and beliefs that our bodies store trauma and emotions in each of the organs.  Eventually if left unhealed or recognized, it will turn into a dis-ease as a way of wanting to be heard.   Beyond the health benefits from the peptides of Kambo to cleanse the body of accrued toxins and stored emotions, it is also in the letting go of those previous said layers, that distincts itself from any other healing modalities. The spirit feels refreshed and free to be the observer of this Universe as opposed to being caught up in it. 


Should your spirit resonate with kambo medicine, Catherine is an excellent guide and teacher for you. What we heal in our inner world will reflect on the outer world. More than ever before, now is the perfect time to rise in consciousness.


Liza Kölbl

Kambo is one of those spiritual journeys you cannot explain but you need to experience! My Kambo sessions have had a huge impact on my healing journey and I literally rebirthed while working with the medicine. It was one of the most magical moments I’ve ever experienced. 


For me it is extremely important to do such ceremonies in a safe space & Catherine created the most magical & sacred space I could ever ask for. She guided us through the ceremony with all her divine energy & feminine wisdom. Most important no matter what would happen, I would feel extremely safe by the space Catherine is holding during the sessions. I am extremely grateful & especially excited for all the future sessions to come. 


Thanks Catherine, for the light you bring into this world!

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