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Veronica Gutierrez 

Veronica has been practicing, learning teaching holistic health for 19 years since her recovery to health and has been teaching to many upon many as a Yoga and Meditation Instructor in LA, OC, Sedona and Canada. She wanted to share what she gained and learned with others. As a Health Coach, she teaches others how to quit smoking, to manage their emotions, how to gain confidence, weight loss and so much more. Now with a even deeper practice, Veronica has become a Kambo practitioner, she delivers all she has studied on physical, mental and spiritual level. She is truly thankful for this beautiful life and that she can share that with others. 


Marissa Cosma Vitelli

Marissa is a passionateley devoted expert of healing plants and herbal Gynaecology. She is working as a herbalist, teaching about herbs and is creating magical woman retreats in nature and is a product engineer for herbal medicine. She devoted her life to be a student of indigenous knowledge and is creating holistic rituals with guided meditations, sound journeys and medicine dance. 

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Susan van Daal  – Inanna Care

Susan supports women in different stages of women's health: from fertility (preconception) through pregnancy, birth and the fourth trimester, as an ayurvedic practitioner specialized in fertility and pregnancy.


She holds a and MA degree and has worked for a quantitative research company in The Netherlands. Susan's passion for research and modern science is embedded in her DNA. Growing up with a dad working in the medical field it was inevitable. However, her own healing journey brought her to holistic, ancient (Eastern and Indigenous) and mind-body centered practices. When 14 years ago the Western doctors told her she would have to take medication for the rest of her life, Ayurveda helped her to solve the disease in 3 months. Her symptoms never came back. My mission is to bridge the two worlds.


Now is the time, more than ever, to combine ancient wisdom and modern practices, to empower women in their reproductive journey. You can transcend past events, trauma, pregnancy loss and even reproductive age to a healthy family life you desire. When we become aware of our innate power we can create the life we want.

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Luna Rukmini Devi – La Luna Medicina

A women’s empowerment mentor, sound healer, spiritual guide, and circle keeper.

 Today, Luna is building a thriving healing practice guiding courageous women to shed limitations and call forth their inner medicine so they can live purposefully and in their own terms. 

She knows how hard and scary it can be to say YES to the unknown, to say YES to uncoupling, to say YES to business and entrepreneurship, to say YES to yourself and the life you were born to live, and to walk on your path to FREEDOM. But thanks to her journey, she can now affirm that it is possible and she is here to show YOU how.

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Ruth Theuermann-Bernhardt – R Source

Kinesiologist & Dipl. Mental Trainer

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